TACLENS is a platform that has been years in the making. By listening to the specific needs of the officers and industry professionals, we have developed this resource to be a way to address those specific needs in the industry, all gathered into one place. Our budgetary and information platform has been designed by you, the everyday professionals, to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information available, to deal with the constantly changing tactics and challenges, regardless of geographical location. Our main drive is to bring a better quality of life to the industry by providing the tools necessary for intelligence, training, industry related off work, and careers post duty, and are designed to drive a more rapid solution to changing tactics from coast to coast. In our efforts to improve the flow of information, we provide each unit with a single hub allowing all officers to connect, regardless of geographic boundaries. We are also building a member contributed debrief library with access to written documents and videos.

Spartan-Knife-TakedownOur training section is second to none and is built with today’s budget in mind. Our goal is to provide training opportunities up to one-third the cost of industry standards, and we are able to do this by putting state-certified officers into instructor roles in an off duty capacity. This means that for departments that cannot afford to pay for training, it is still available and affordable to the individual officers. Increased training turns into more raises, more advancements, and bigger pensions at retirement. More importantly, we are working to bring you the necessary tools and training, to ensure that you come home safely to your family after your shift.

TACLENS provides solutions based on the needs of officers. When you join the TACLENS community,  you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • A login account giving access to industry specific information, exclusively for verified, active law enforcement officers.
  • Access to debriefs and discussion boards that transcend the confines of jurisdictional boundaries, giving access to the information and experience of units large and small, from various departments and agencies across the nation.
  • Access to training from highly experienced and certified training professionals, in a wide variety of subject matter, at a cost that is affordable enough to allow your department to make the training budget last longer, without compromising the quality of instruction.
  • Exclusive offers from our sponsors to acquire tools, equipment, and more at a special discounted rate.
  • Opportunities to get information about and possibly test, the most cutting edge equipment designed for the law enforcement industry.
  • Much more, coming soon….

MRAP-VZCTACLENS is meant to be an organic resource that evolves with the development of new techniques, industry standards, and innovations. As we get new members in the community, they have the ability to add their knowledge and experience for others to learn from. With this platform, there are opportunities for cross-departmental learning and interdepartmental communication, across the country.