55_croppedJust as we feel that information and training are ever-changing in the world of law enforcement, so, too, is it in the corporate environment. We have built a budgetary and training solution to help keep up with the flow of information in safety and training, and we want to bring that same platform to you in the corporate environment, ensuring that you can achieve more training for less budget and provide a safer workplace through education. We offer training in the workplace for the purposes of safety, surveillance, emergency management, asset protection and cyber security.

By utilizing our network of law enforcement personnel, we can ensure that instructors are skilled and trained on today’s topics. With local officers that have specialized training to topic, we can offer instruction in multiple locations across the country on the exact curriculum for a fraction of the cost by cutting out all the incidental costs of travel and helping to lower insurance premiums, ensuring that your budget stays true to topic and is not wasted.

Our company can provide many services to improve various aspects in the corporate environment. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessments in the workplace for purpose of safety, property surveillance, emergency management, protection, and cyber infrastructure. These assessments can be delivered verbally, in a written outline, or via 3D computer rendering, depending on the solution that fits the needs of your company.
  • Solutions for smaller companies that do not have the ability to have full time security heads on staff. TACLENS, through it’s network can fill these roles on a part time basis through retainer or case by case projects.
  • We have the ability to bring seminars to your board room, with special operation officers to visit your workplace, training your staff on the dangers in the environment that are associated to the role of and executive.
  • Custom solutions for your HR policies, emergency procedures, or industry specific safety or protection needs.
  • We can offer specialty training specific to your industry. For example,  if you are in the banking industry, we can offer training to better prepare your employees for worst-case scenarios such as robberies or hostage situations. This includes general training as well as threat-specific situational training.

Conference-table-boardroo-001Whether your company needs a solution for all of your employees or for management only, TACLENS can customize a solution to give your team more office awareness to handle any situation that may arise. We want to make sure that your workplace meets all security recommendations, and to this end TACLENS is making available it’s network of skilled law enforcement as an additional on-site security measure. This partnership brings the best trained officers to you as part of any existing security force, or developing a new one. We are currently the only network in the industry to have representatives in nearly every major city in the nation. This means that no matter where you are, we can bring our training professionals directly to your office for assessments and training. As each of our professionals live and work in these cities, they have the working day-to-day knowledge to ensure that your company has the most current information on trends and current events in your area. We strive to bring you the most qualified professionals for your training and assessment needs. These instructors and assessors are certified in their fields and among the most proficient, respected, and knowledgeable professionals in the industry.