History_Invention_of_the_Lightbulb_40572_SF_HD_still_624x352As part of our commitment to the development of tools for the betterment of the law enforcement community, TACLENS is looking to partner with gear and equipment manufacturing to offer the most sought after equipment available on the market. We are working with our partner base to improve and expand the connections between manufacturers and the officers using their equipment the most. We are also looking to develop relationships that will allow us to work closely with manufacturers on new and exciting tools and equipment, at any stage of development, starting with concept all the way through production and beyond. The new developments in robotics and software capabilities offer exciting opportunities, and we want to help bring those opportunities to the law enforcement community, including developing relationships that will allow for departments to take advantage of offers found nowhere else.

Whether your company builds robotics, computer or phone applications, SWAT equipment, K-9 equipment, or any other product that you feel will help with the safety, innovation, or improvement of an aspect in law enforcement practices, we want to help you revolutionize the industry. We have an Advisory Board of some of the most respected individuals in their fields, to help you develop, test, and market your product to the industry specific audience that you are targeting. We can help your company develop your product line from start to finish, and beyond. Our Advisory Board consists of everyone from State and local law enforcement officers, special operations officers, training professionals, Federal Agents, business and marketing professionals, and other specialized professionals.

Iraqi FreedomTACLENS can match your company with professionals to assist you with every stage of your product’s development. If you require product testing, we can approach units specific to your needs to help test and provide valuable feedback about each product. Contact us for more information on what TACLENS can do for your company specifically. We will tailor a strategy to fit your needs, and introduce you to the professionals and audience to give your product the best chance for success.

We are committed to the development of tools dedicated to improving the law enforcement community. It always helps to have the right tool for the job, and whether it’s protecting the public, protecting employees, or protecting officers, TACLENS is the tool for you.