About Us

dallas-skyline_1831_600x450TACLENS was officially started in 2013 with a single question: what does the law enforcement community need to become more effective in the face of budgetary cuts and a changing landscape of tactics to combat growing trends in crime? Unofficially, the TACLENS platform has been years in the making. By asking law enforcement officers from many departments and units, about their specific needs on  departmental, unit, and individual levels as professionals, the TACLENS community was born. In this way, we have developed a platform for law enforcement and by law enforcement, to address these specific concerns. At its core, TACLENS is a budgetary solution designed to ensure that law enforcement is receiving the proper training to deal with the greater challenges that our world presents. Through our developmental process, we have found that law enforcement officers rely on information of all sorts. In the past, information has been limited by jurisdiction lines, or the prohibitive costs associated with State-mandated and advanced training hours. Our goal from there was clear: to find a way to bring information, training, and off-duty opportunities together as a single, comprehensive, and affordable resource. We seek to improve the law enforcement community by:

  • Driving industry specific, off-duty work.
  • Retaining those with the greatest knowledge and experience, and sharing that information.
  • Removing geographical borders in an effort to increase information dissemination.
  • Optimizing budgetary expenses, especially for training and equipment acquisition.
  • Bring together the most respected and experienced certified instructors in the industry together, so that officers can get the training they need to do their jobs effectively, while working towards advancement in their departments, and a larger pension for retirement.
  • Providing an affordable means for active duty officers to get the training and equipment they need, so that they can do their jobs more safely and efficiently, with an overall better quality of life.

While originally built to address concerns directly from the law enforcement community, we found that businesses could potentially utilize aspects of our network of professionals to provide training and threat assessments to fit each business’s specific needs. We could also provide consultation for businesses and innovators looking to improve the law enforcement industry with the most cutting-edge designs for tools and applications. Because of this, we can offer a mutually beneficial relationship between businesses and law enforcement industry professionals. TACLENS is designed to bring unity throughout law enforcement by opening channels of communication with units across the country, while providing the business community with the highly trained and specialized consultants to fit their company’s specific needs.