Train. Share. Evolve. These ideas represent the core philosophy around TACLENS, LLC. and serves to guide us in our mission to improving the law enforcement community. We are committed to the development of tools that remove geographic borders and allow officers to share experience, skills, and knowledge across the entire country. We are focused on developing tools to remove the geographical boundaries that prevent the spread of information designed to save lives, whether it’s with fellow officers or in the corporate world. Our unique platform allows us to provide affordable training opportunities for active law enforcement officers, business professionals, and industry innovators across the nation.

Woman typing on computer keyboardThe internet has become an integral part of how many corporations conduct business these days, making it the greatest single tool of our time. At TACLENS, we have developed a unique method to providing this tool to enhance the knowledge, skills, and most importantly, experience of law enforcement officers, regardless of the area they serve. Officers will now have access to a continually growing database of information, developed by their fellow officers from all across the country. We have also created unique training tools that allow for approved state certified officers with considerable experience to conduct a course in their field of expertise to make sure that any information presented is the most detailed, accurate, and up to date available. Courses are then presented in ways designed to enhance budgets by up to three times.

We also provide focused solutions for business professionals. From complete threat assessments to focused employee training to improve office awareness for a variety of different purposes, all tailored to fit your industry’s specific needs. We have gathered some of the most respected training professionals in the nation to ensure that you get the best information and training, regardless of your geographic location. We have professionals in every major city in the nation, allowing us to tailor your solutions to your specific requirements quickly, to keep up with the fast paced business environment. Whether it is emergency management for the Oil and Gas industry, Robbery and Loss Prevention in the Banking industry, or any other model, large or small,  TACLENS can design a training solution to fit your business’s specific concerns.

Because we have such an extensive network of industry professionals, we are also in a unique position to help software developers, robotics engineers, equipment developers, and other innovators to revolutionize the law enforcement industry. Whether your product is in the conceptual stage, early development, testing, or deployment, TACLENS can assist your company in every stage of the evolutionary process. Imagine having access to industry professionals across the nation, to give you valuable feedback in every stage of the product development process. We have an Advisory Board of some of the most respected professionals in the country, each bringing the expertise and experience of their particular fields. From business development, product testing, marketing and advertising strategies, or product deployment, TACLENS offers a unique platform to access solutions for a wide variety of obstacles  that you may face in the development of your product.